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It’s 2 years since the frame was installed at Wessenden Head, Marsden Moor

Marsden Moor April 13th 2016

Today the frame at Marsden Moor celebrates its 2nd Birthday since its installation on the 14th April 2014 and we couldn’t be prouder. Foot prints surround the base of the frame where others have stood to enjoy the view and the sound of the curlews. At this time of the year the frame really harmonises with the moorland landscape, but the clarity of the blue sky just seemed to bring it all to life. A big thank you to the National Trust and the University of Huddersfield  for working in partnership with us and to Walker Morris for sponsorship of this frame but most of all to everyone who has supported the idea and ethos of the frame – our intention is to be respectful of the landscape whilst sharing our passion for education and enjoyment.