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Construction of full size frame

This video created by the University of Huddersfield shows the process by which the flanges, the metal discs that secure the base of the frame to a secure underground support frame are constructed.

The video clip shows the machining of a 50mm diameter hole in one of the front flanges to form the two front feet of the stand. The leg meets the flange at a compound angle of 24.32 degrees which was carried out on a universal milling machine with its head tilted in two directions, fifteen and twenty degrees. A flat was machined using a slot drill then followed with a centre drill, drill and finished using an adjustable boring tool. The final operation was to drill six bolt holes on a pitch circle diameter of 126mm. – Dennis Town BSc(Hons) MSc, Technical Services Manager University of Huddersfield

‘It’s good to see the end product too as so often in my previous jobs, especially when working in industry, one never sees the component that has been made assembled or doing what it’s supposed to do. If you can imagine making the flanges and then not ever seeing them again, that’s how 95% of a sub-contract engineer’s life is, so it was great to be involved in the installation of the frame, I enjoyed it’. Senior Technician Steve Goldstein  – University of Huddersfield