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“The Brimham landscape is such an inspiration for artists of all ages. It ranges from the amazing rock formations to the wider setting across heather moorland within Nidderdale. This opportunity presented by working with such a talent as Ashley Jackson will encourage many more to look through different eyes and appreciate the wonder of our natural landscape. It never ceases to amaze me how the rocks and views over Nidderdale change depending on the light and weather conditions. The National Trust is all about looking after special places and Brimham Rocks is truly special. By focussing visitors on taking a moment from their busy lives to look through the frame is one way of sharing this living landscape with more people and maybe inspire future generations of artists.”  Jonathan Brewer General Manager East Riddlesten Hall and  Brimham Rocks  National Trust


“We are privileged to be part of such an inspirational project with Ashley Jackson. This is the third of Ashley’s frames that we have jointly   sponsored with the National Trust and it has been a pleasure to see all the photographs, drawings, paintings and tweets from the visitors to the first two frames. The purpose of the frames was to encourage people to appreciate the landscape around them and to really look at and see the scene. From the feedback so far it’s clear that the frames have certainly achieved that.

“Brimham Rocks is a fantastic location for the third frame because the natural landscape is so distinctive.Looking through the frame at the huge boulders and the landscape beyond, you could be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the set of a film. If the frame only makes us pause and take time to admire the natural beauty it will have achieved its aim.

“We were privileged to be able to take our Children’s Charity Calendar Competition Winners to the launch of the very first frame on Wessenden Moor in May this year followed by a very special arts masterclass with Ashley to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our calendar painting competition. Seeing Ashley, the children and the teachers using the frame to view and draw the landscape made me realise just how a simple concept can be so effective and so inspiring.” David Smedley, Partner at Walker Morris