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Wessenden Moor

Wessenden, Marsden Moor is more than a location to me, it has been my moral compass, from moving my young family here, opening a gallery in the valley and living my life, the moor has always been at my side. I call it my “Love Affair” with the Moors for this is what it means to me.

I am proud to commence “Framing the Landscape” with the very first frame at Wessenden for I wish to share my passion for this great landscape, it is not mine alone but for everyone to enjoy. My one wish is that others will explore and view the ever changing landscape as Mother Nature has given us the gift of a fantastic exhibition; we just need to make time to stop and appreciate what is before us. The frame is intended to focus our vision and frame the landscape.

It is with mutual respect that the National Trust has become a partner in “Framing the landscape” for we share the same passion and protection for a landscape that is our children’s heritage.

Thanks are also due to Walker Morris with whom I have a longstanding relationship built on 20 years of the Walker Morris Calendar Competition, of which I have had the pleasure of been a judge. Their commitment to encouraging art in schools of Yorkshire and the Humber is admirable. They have chosen to celebrate the 20th Anniversary by sponsoring ‘Framing the Landscape’

The University of Huddersfield has been influential in the creation of the freestanding easels assisting with the design of the frame, prototype and construction of the full scale frames; their assistance in this has been invaluable.

The Landscape is more than just a view, and with Framing the Landscape I hope that others will see it as I do using all your senses to engage, to feel the rain on your face, to smell the bracken, to hear the skylark and to value all these simple pleasures.