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Partners and Sponsors

It has been a pleasure to be involved in Framing the Landscape with Internationally renowned Yorkshire artist Ashley Jackson. Ashley has a long standing reputation and is very well respected within the Arts whilst passionate about the landscape, so it gave us the opportunity to be involved in an art project with real credibility.

Of particular  importance is the education element of Framing the Landscape which we hope will inspire a greater appreciation of the landscape amongst the next generation. We hope the project will also extend our audience from the traditional walkers and fostering engagement with possible future volunteers and protectors of the moorland landscape

The National Trust is a charity founded in 1895 by three people who saw the importance of our nation’s heritage and open spaces and wanted to preserve them for everyone to enjoy. Over 100 years later these values are still at the heart of everything the Trust does.

We look after coastlines, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages, historic houses, gardens, mills and pubs. We restore them, protect them and open them up to everyone.

We do it because open space, nature and heritage are important in all our lives. They provide an escape, a chance to relax, memorable experiences for all ages as well as opportunities to learn and improve our health. These are things everyone has the right to enjoy and what inspires us to carry on the work of our founders

In a nutshell – we look after special places for ever, for everyone and with Framing the Landscape we are asking people to take a focussed ‘look’ through the frames and truly ‘see’ the value of the landscapes that surround them.


“We are delighted to be the sponsors of ‘Framing the Landscape’. Walker Morris has a long history of supporting art and innovative art exhibitions. This project is a fantastic way of celebrating the Yorkshire countryside and encouraging us all to view the landscape through the eyes of an artist.


“With the fast pace of our everyday lives it is all too easy to miss the detail or not fully appreciate the beauty of the picture before us. All too often we look but don’t really see! The installations, which will literally frame the Yorkshire landscape, will allow us to step into the shoes of the artist and take a closer look at what surrounds us. Something we endeavour to replicate in our day-to-day professional lives as lawyers.

“The launch of the installations is also a great way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our Children’s Charity Calendar Competition, throughout which Ashley has provided his unwavering support in his role as our chief judge. The Walker Morris Children’s Calendar Competition aims to inspire young people to be creative and to celebrate the huge amount of artistic talent we have in the Yorkshire region. This is an ethos which resonates perfectly with ‘Framing the Landscape’.”

David Smedley, partner at national law firm Walker Morris LLP

The University of Huddersfield is both proud and delighted to take part in the Framing the Landscape initiative. Working with Ashley Jackson to create the frames has been an exciting venture to create a lasting legacy within the beautiful countryside that surrounds us – and will enthuse a new generation of artists, environmental scientists, designers, photographers and engineers

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Grand Central Rail is very happy to sponsor part of the Framing the Landscape project with Ashley Jackson – the Yorkshire Artist. Every day we bring people to Yorkshire to visit, work and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Our trains do not just pass through the landscape – at Grand Central, we are part of it – closely bound to communities in the heart of Yorkshire. Let our trains take you to a Framing the Landscape destination and Ashley’s new way of looking and appreciating.

Sean English Director at Grand Central Railway Company