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Whose responsibility is our rubbish ….

The clue is in the sentence ….’ours’. If we take food and drink on a walk it is our responsibilty to collect it, bag it and take it home.

The landscape is for us all to enjoy, but sadly not every body abides by the rules of the countryside, but what are these rules? Natural England provide three great headings Respect, Protect and Enjoy within a colourful booklet  click here to find out how you can not only stay safe but allow others to enjoy the landscape too.


Thanks to James O’Flynn, Jenifer Taylor, Michael Jones, Richard Noon

Recently a group of volunteers gave up their Bank Holiday to collect all the rubbish left by visitors to Holme Moss – the site for our fourth frame installation. You can see the amount of rubbish they collected that other people had left at the location.

I believe we can all play our part in protecting the landscape and the first thing that we can easily manage is to remember to take our own rubbish home with us. Sometimes parents can be a little forgetful of the countryside code ( it has been some time since they were last at school) so you might have to remind them

And parents those that already know the code, you are doing a great job of educating your children to put their rubbish in their pocket until they find a bin or in the boot of the car until you get home. We can all make a difference to the landscape we live in ..