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Working with schools

“Yorkshire, if not for you I would not be an artist.
You are the one who made my eyes see and my heart feel”
Ashley Jackson 1971

I would like to encourage everyone to have a go at painting or sketching out in the landscape and to truly immerse themselves in Mother Nature. This was my motivation behind the Frames for Framing the Landscape, to focus the eye on a particular landscape chosen for its uniqueness and safety to ensure all ages and abilities could be inspired to enjoy, explore and value the landscape

Nature can be far more interactive than a mobile phone, the internet, online games we just need to show children how. We need to assist children in making this connection with the landscape for they will be the next guardian’s, that is why the partnership with the National Trust is so important in highlighting the work they do each day to ensure that we can all have access to dramatic, atmospheric landscapes now and in the future.

You can see what some of the children created within the Hardcastle Crags gallery section. I hope you might feel inspired to create your own piece of Yorkshire …..