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Brimham Rocks

There is so much to do at Brimham Rocks whether it be enjoying the magnificent view over Nidderdale, finding the 9 brass rubbing stations, visiting the bug hotel or just marvelling at the unique rock formations, there is most definitely something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for some fantastically shaped rocks. Spot the Dancing Bear, The Eagle and The Gorilla, crawl through The Smartie Tube and balance on the Rocking Stones. Your imagination can run wild walking, photographing, or drawing the sculptures created by Mother Nature, for this is her playground for you to explore and be creative.

I have always been in awe of nature and the landscape and so to have the opportunity to work with the National Trust at Brimham Rocks to highlight sculptures created by the environment and not by man is truly fantastic. Framing the iconic rocks aims to highlight their cultural and historic status within Yorkshire bringing Natures beauty into focus for all to see

It is with mutual respect that the National Trust has become a partner in “Framing the landscape” for we share the same passion and protection for a landscape that is our children’s heritage.

Thanks are also due to Walker Morris with whom I have a longstanding relationship built on 20 years of the Walker Morris Calendar Competition, of which I have had the pleasure of been a judge. Their commitment to encouraging art in schools of Yorkshire and the Humber is admirable. They have chosen to celebrate the 20th Anniversary by sponsoring ‘Framing the Landscape’

The University of Huddersfield has been influential in the creation of the freestanding easels assisting with the design of the frame, prototype and construction of the full scale frames; their assistance in this has been invaluable.