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I was fortunate that on the day I visited Roseberry Topping it had not been a great drive, the rain had appeared to be continually in front of us until we reached the car park at the base of the hill, where we met the National Trust Ranger to travel around the base passing Great Ayton railway station and up across a field. Unlocking a gate was like unlocking a secret world to stand in glorious green woodland and look up at the Topping was a beauty unlike any moorland upland but creating that same ‘wow’ factor and the need to capture the moment before it was lost.

This sketch was part of the series I captured on that day with Captin Cooks Monument visible on the right hand side.

I like to draw all gateways open, even if they are not so as to not create a physical barrier. If the gate was to be closed how would your eye wonder through the open field and explore everything else that was within the sketch?