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Ashley’s Thoughts

I had driven through the sleet and rain to arrive at Brimham Rocks in time for an appropriate break in the clouds. It was a bitterly cold day, where no amount of clothing can stop the cold penetrating through to your bones, taking in the atmosphere I viewed the natural phenomena in front of me, it is unbelievable that nature has carved out these sculptures that might have given inspiration to Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth

There is much to see, look out for the Dancing Bear, The Eagle and The Gorilla, crawl through The Smartie Tube or balance on the Rocking Stones, it is an opportunity to touch natural sculptures whilst exploring the views of Nidderdale.

If there were to be more than Seven Wonders of the World then Brimham Rocks would be one for Yorkshire for there is no beauty equal to that of Mother Nature, we mere humans try our best to imitate and often fail at what nature provides with such ease.

The minutes passed as I was busy sketching and the sky grew darker travelling from right to left across the horizon creating a dramatic skyline. Unfortunately it was to rain again, but it was early in the year and when you have such a stunning landscape in front of you, you can forgive the weather.