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Inscription plans for Grand Central Rail logo

Before anything can be constructed, a scaled draft is primarily created to show up any problems in the construction and secondly so that future problems do not occur in the full sized version.

Below are photographs of the inscription process, but the very first thing you need to remember is that for the machine to inscribe anything a person has to create drawings these are then inputted in to the computer and provides the machinery with accurate CAD drawings so that the drill is told when, where and how deep to inscribe.

The first image is a comparison of the inscription drill bits that are normally used to the one on the right which was used for this project. Water is used as heat is generated by the drilling of the metal drill bit against the steel plate used to create the draft plaque for the frame.

Dennis Town and Richard Bailey from the University of Huddersfield were kind enough to spend the time showing Ashley the machinery and explaining the inscription process from the computer drawings to the finished product. The end result was perfect  – accurate to scale