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Month: May 2014

Launch of first frame at Wessenden Moor

Here is a brief video giving a taster of the launch day with children and teachers from Yorkshire schools capturing the view through the frame and connecting with nature through art. The finished artwork can be seen on the Gallery

Are you in the frame?

Visit Marsden Moor and put yourself in the frame. You can do this by either taking a photograph of you in the frame and visit us on twitter @framinglandsc or facebook Framing the Landscape or be creative and send your

Installation on the Moor

As the phrase goes,”Many hands make light work” well it wouldn’t have been possible to install the first frame on Marsden Moor without a crane attached to the transport vehicle. Hoisted into place and then lowered the frame was installed.

Inscription of the Frame

This is a shortened video of the last minutes of the inscription process that took over 15 hours at Sanderson Precision Engineering.Every curve and line inscribed by the machine was first calculated and programmed by the University of Huddersfield.Seeing it

Construction of full size frame

This video created by the University of Huddersfield shows the process by which the flanges, the metal discs that secure the base of the frame to a secure underground support frame are constructed. The video clip shows the machining of