Year: 2014

Merry Christmas and Big Thank you to everyone

As this year draws to a close I wish to thank everyone who has been involved in supporting Framing the Landscape,it has been a fantastic honour to frame the Yorkshire landscape and it would not have been possible without special

Winter arrives at Wessenden, Marsden Moor

…. and it was majestic. Creating a different focus through the frame with each season and passing day, the framed landscape is an inspiration to all who  stand in front of it. I can honestly say it is a privilege

Installation at Brimham Rocks

Big thank you to the University of Huddersfield for installing the third frame at Brimham Rocks. Here I am with Dennis Town and Richard Bailey as the early fog cleared and you could begin to see the iconic rocks through

What do teachers think of the frame?

The frames encourage children to spend time looking, rather than rushing to put pen to paper. That lesson – hard to achieve in a time-pressured classroom – is invaluable. The frames also show children how individually they see. ‘There are

Working with schools

“Yorkshire, if not for you I would not be an artist. You are the one who made my eyes see and my heart feel” Ashley Jackson 1971 I would like to encourage everyone to have a go at painting or

Planning your school visit

This week I am looking forward to spending time with a school from Hebden Bridge, as they join me at the frame at Hardcastle Crags. I hope to inspire them to focus on the landscape to truly ‘see’ the beauty

Countrylife magazine feature the frame

Great to see the frame reaching the attention of national as well as regional media as the frame installation is explored in editorial of Countrylife magazine 20th August You can read the article on line by clicking on

Celebrating Yorkshire at Hardcastle Crags

The second frame location of Hardcastle Crags was installed today August 1st, Yorkshire Day. It was a proud moment as I ask others to utilise the frames to focus on the landscape, often those we pass every day but have

More great images of the Frame at Marsden Moor

Thank you to Sandie Nicholson who visited Marsden Moor early morning to capture the morning cloud lifting with the arrival of the sun. The frame is intended to highlight the landscapes natural beauty and the ever changing exhibition that can

Enjoy your school days and learn as much as you can

It might not always appear to be true but for most of us our school days are the best days ….. I can honestly say that thanks to my form tutor and headmaster at Holyrood School Barnsley I was provided