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It all starts with a piece of paper and a pencil

As with starting a painting, the idea for Framing the Landscape was constructed in exactly the same way .. with paper, pencil and an idea.

In this day and age of technology it is often hard for others to comprehend that everything constructed by man has first had to be drawn by hand, whether it be a car, table or clothes. Someone has placed that thought to paper making the idea feel real and tangable.

To be inspired further take a look at the working sketches of Leonardo da Vinci many of his spectacular designs were ahead of his time and 21st Century construction of these show that many of them would have worked. The parachute and ornithopter were two of the flying machines concocted by da Vinci in his notebooks. Others include a glider and his helicopter-like aerial screw.

Thus I would like to suggest that at the basis of all creativity, whether it be design, computing, engineering or architecture is the skill of drawing.